Family Friendly

That means friendly for little ones and grown-ups too.  Bryn and Clio are parents themselves and know how hard it can be to get out the door, let along travel with a little one in tow.  If you have more than one it can be a military operation!  Which is why we've sought to make things as easy and welcoming as possible for you and your kids, whatever age they are.  If they're relaxed, then so are you.

  From all the baby equipment you might need, to plenty of space outside to run around, woods to find minibeasts and make dens, a pool to splash in, to the snug area where you can plonk them for a DVD night, to the billiard room where teens might hang out and ping pong table that's the scene of many a family tournament.   We have a selection of toys so you don't have to worry if you've left your faves at home, and even spare car seats and a buggy.  Highchairs are a given!


What we've got

Equipment List (so you don't have to pack the kitchen sink):

  • travel cots x 5

  • bed rails x 3

  • high chairs x 5

  • changing mats

  • baby baths and bath cradles

  • nappy bins

  • baby monitors

  • steriliser

  • blender

  • stairgates

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What's around

Apart from the wonderful rambling estate, just right for hide and seek, playing 'it', building dens and letting off steam, the lovely pool will be a firm favourite with kids over the summer.  Indoors leaves plenty of space for bookworms and board games as well as rainy day games.

You'll find plenty to do in the area too, with a fabulous zoo, a swimming lake and beach, castle ruins to climb and wildflowers to pick and playgrounds a-plenty within a short drive.

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who's on hand

We have a marvellous local babysitter whom we trust with our own daughter and has proved a hit with many other families staying at the Manoir.  

We also work with a small number of trusted agencies in the UK and in France to provide more full time nanny care for the week.

Both of these services need to be arranged in advance, just let us know when you're booking.