&Breathe Postnatal

&Breathe Postnatal is an award-winning family wellbeing company, founded by the Owner of Manoir La Croix de La Jugie, Clio Wood.  Clio wanted a place to relax, re-boot and come to terms with her new parent identity after having her daughter, Delphi and so created &Breathe.  &Breathe is specifically designed to help new parents get fit, eat well and feel good, with new baby in two.  Childcare is included so you can spend quality time with your partner as well as bond as a new family.

&Breathe's first retreat was held at La Jugie in September 2016. Having been heaped with praise by press and guests, it's gone from strength to strength and 2017 sees the launch of their Toddler Plus retreats, perfect for families with more than one bundle of joy!